Jeremy Leveille breaks down a cold email and provides feedback: 

So let's jump in and break down this cold email that Jeremy received.

First off, there is good personalization by referencing a post on LinkedIn that Jeremy engaged with. A post from Scott Barker at Outreach. So, referencing that post is good because it shows you have read up on the prospect. That's one thing that Jeremy does a lot.

Right off the bat what Jeremy noticed is that his company is actually are already working with their company.

The biggest takeaway everybody should get from this is to know who you're reaching out to. Jeremy shares, "We're in their pipeline and we've been talking to them for a while about potentially buying their product. So this must have been maybe somebody loading a list in, and just sending out a bunch of emails really quickly without taking the time to slow down and check Salesforce and take a look at the account history and see what's going on." Check your CRM and see what the account history is and the status of the account, and even the engagement that you've gotten with that account is. Because if you're already working with someone from a certain account and you don't reference to any of that in our cold outreach, that is a bad look on your part.

Another thing, there's these two points they make in the email: employee morale and engagement. That's an opportunity to personalize a little bit more. Maybe you could reference some stuff that's on our company Glassdoor page, or helping new hires get up to speed. Maybe name drop one or two of them and make it a little bit more relevant to me.

Last thing is there is two different questions in this email. There's a question and then there's a call to action. You're just asking the prospect to do too many things. Also, you shouldn't be sending any attachments in a cold email where there hasn't been any back and forth with the two of us. This can lead to spam, or the prospect ignoring your email. 


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