With the increase of sales reps calling prospects cell phones, there are questions that arise before the rep actually picks up the phone and makes that call. Jeremy breaks down these 6 cold calling questions in this video: 

1. Is it okay to call my prospects cell phone? 

Yes! Very few prospects ever give a push back. 1 in 20 may ask you "why are you calling my personal cell phone". If this happens, all you have to do is explain how companies are getting rid of their desk phones and more and more prospects are preferring calls to their cell phones since the change. 

2. Is there a higher connect rate? 

Yes! On average, we're seeing a 300% increase in connections while making cold calls to cell phones.  

3. Does it depend on who you're calling?

No. Everyone has a cell phone no matter what industry they are in. 

4. What about leaving voicemails? 

We recommend leaving voicemails. However, keep the voicemail vague.. What if you have a wrong number? 

5. What about texting? 

A good idea if it is further down in the sales process. 

6. Assume it's them (your prospect)?

Don't start off with your name, company, and asking who you have on the line. Assume whoever answers is your prospect so they don't subconsciously think it's a cold call and try to rush you off the phone. 


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