I sat down with Sarah Drake, Senior SDR at Directive. I talked to her about her posts on social media, building a following for prospecting off LinkedIn, Content Creation, and we also shared a few cool ideas on how to cold email and cold call based on social engagements. 

If you want to take a listen here it is:


Here's the words from the post Sarah and I talked about:


“Are you trying to sell me something?”

This week I asked my network how they would respond to this question on a cold call and boy did they deliver. I went through the comments and wanted to highlight some responses that stood out to me. You could respond by saying: "Well, I don't know if you need what we offer yet. I only sell something to people that the product can actually help.”- Robert Bertrand


“No, I don't and can't sell you anything. My job is to find out if what we do would even make sense for you.”- Megan Wipff

"Yes, a meeting. Can you give me 30 seconds to tell you why?” -Ryan Topal

"Only if you see the benefit. Wanna give me a shot and we can figure that out together?”- Jon Mazza

"My clients are too sophisticated to buy anything over the phone. How about we learn more about each other and see if this is a relationship even worth pursuing. How are you for a 20 minute call Tuesday at 9am?”- Kim Orlesky

No chance we’re all going to agree on what works best, but that’s the beauty of LinkedIn. We constantly share learnings and experiences because you never know who in your network might really need it. hashtagcoldcalling hashtagSDR hashtagsales

Thanks for listening! 

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