A drawer full of business cards you never followed up on… Your flashy, super fancy $3 business card is a wasted effort. I know that might sting a bit, but let me explain. How many people actually follow-up after a networking event? How many people put that business card to use? My guess, less than 5%.

Follow-up is crucial to Judd Borakove’s #4C’s, but not many people do it well, let alone at all.

Here’s something you can try to increase engagement, follow-up, and commitment to growing your network. Make a switch to digital business cards. Save your prospective connection a ton of work, and hopefully make a lasting impression.

Let me show you how it’s done



Posted by Kyle J. Burt
Kyle J. Burt is passionate about technology, educating others about technology, and watching businesses grow as a result of dominating technology. He is a founder and at Catch Solutions

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