Josh Braun from SalesDNA made a video of how he uses LeadIQ, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and to create perfect efficiency in his prospecting. I thought it’d be cool to post it here on our site so people can watch it.

There are two ways you can capture leads into Outreach. One is by adding them to a campaign, and doing it the way Josh does it in the video. OR you can capture into Outreach right as you capture into a list in real time.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

Hi this is Josh with SalesDNA and this video is gonna show you just how blissfully easy and fun prospecting can be. Let's go.

First thing I'm gonna do is come over to a Google Doc and you'll see why in a second, let's use a real example so the company I want to use called loandepot. I only want to search for leads in the US with the raw marketing. Now, that's a very broad role but at this point I'm not sure what the titles are, that's what I have to teach do people describe themselves that are the best fit for people I want to go after.

So, let's show you the process for how to do that. I'm gonna pop over to LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced search for leads and I'm just gonna simply fill in those three things. So, geography is going to be United States and the function where the role is gonna be marketing and then for the company I'm gonna go ahead and select loandepot.

As this gets smarter as we teach LinkedIn we'll be able to just put in all the companies we want over here. But it starts with this process. So when I go ahead and search brings me back about 52 results and now I'm going to start mining profiles. Going into each one of these to see which are my people and let's say that VP of Marketing is a good description I'm going to go and copy it and go back into my Google sheet. I'm then going to do this on a type of parentheses VP of Marketing and then I'm gonna put that in quotes. And the reason I'm putting it in quotes is LinkedIn will only pick up this exact title especially if it's two words if you put it in quotes.

And then I'm going to type in or which is a boolean search filter that says "hey VP of Marketing people aren't the only ones I want I also want (let's go back here) let's say I also want SVP of marketing". I'm going to go and copy that and go back over here and paste it. Let's go look and just do one more just you can get a sense of what I'm doing here... maybe I want director of marketing and maybe I also want [let's see peep what have that our marketing] so I'm gonna go over here I'm gonna say director of marketing or marketing then I'm gonna close this off with the end parenthesis.

I'm gonna copy this and lets see what that looks like now. I'm going to have to teach it a little bit further so i'm gonna go here and right over here where it says title i'm gonna paste that in and hit enter and that's gonna go from 52 to 41. Let me spin through here and see how this looks this looks pretty good but you know what I'm seeing I don't want maybe I don't want coordinator so I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna say not coordinator...let's see if there's anything else that I don't want not coordinator or let's see maybe analysts maybe I don't want analysts either so I'm gonna say in quotes and list I'm gonna close this off now. I'm going to copy this and go back and you notice we're gonna go from 41 to probably 39 because we're going to zap those two titles .

I'm gonna paste this in again this is part of the teaching process to paste this in here and enter. You'll see now I go to 33. So those titles and any other people with those titles are no longer in the search so it's getting a little bit smarter. I can kind of go through this process which I've done if I spin down here you can see what this looks like after I've gone through a couple companies.

I've really dialed in my search criteria and then once you dial this in you just copy it go back to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and I'm gonna paste in the titles now that I've dialed it in. Now you'll see for loandepot we get a very targeted list of nine people. I just paste it in this now here's the cool part, once I've dialed this in I can now start to just pile on the companies right so let's say want to go to Geico type in Geico and it's gonna go from 9 to 23. It's now adding those exact titles from Geico...and let's say I also want it to add let's say Quicken Loans... now it goes from 23 to 33 and you can see now it's pulling in Quicken Loans.

If I see a title that I don't want I actually don't see any here all I have to do is go and modify my query with another with another not and so it might take you a couple companies to dial it in, but once you do all you have to do is just keep adding additional companies into this area over here and your leads will pop up on the right-hand side.

Last thing you want to do once you've dialed in the query is hit save search. That way you don't have to go through this again just type in my leads for marketing. The other added benefit of this is if there are any leads that satisfy this criteria it'll automatically pop up in the list the next step in the process is to find the contact information for the prospects that I think I can make happier and the best tool for the job by far is a tool called LeadIQ.

I promise Ryan O'Hara over at LeadIQ is not paying me to say this... I love this tool check this out I'm gonna click the LeadIQ Chrome extension and up comes this window over here. You'll notice something that the leads that you see or the context that you see on the left-hand side mirror the contacts that you see on the right hand side... and so what I would do is go into each one of these leads and see if it's a person that I think I can help and if so I would add them to my list.

Let me show you how I do that so in LeadIQ actually I have two different lists, they actually call them campaigns, I have a list for CMOS and I have a separate list for directors managers. Why do I have two different lists? Well keep watching you're gonna find out.

So, let's say I wanted Joe and Joe's a marketing VP so I want to add them to this list...I can actually take a look at the information behind Joe and see LeadIQ not only gives you the email address that's verified with this green checkmark but it also gives you his direct line at work and his cell phone number. And I'm seeing quite a bit of cell numbers as I'm using this tool but let's say I wanted to add Joe the only thing I do is I just select the right list and hit this plus sign and bam it is completely finished.

If I were to bounce over here to LeadIQ and I were to click into this list I would see that that contact has been added to this list. Let me do another one, let's say this chief marketing officer I want to add that to the CMO list so I'll come in here switch my list go over, hit the plus sign and that is finished. That's how fast it is. Bounce back over to LeadIQ and do a quick refresh and you can see now in the CMO list there's one person now.

Here's where it gets really awesome, in Outreach I built separate sequences for CMOS and separate sequences for marketing directors managers and VPS so if I bounce back over to LeadIQ all I have to do is select all the leads in this list they call them campaigns and send them right to Outreach. It's gonna ask me what list I want to put it in what campaign this is going to be CMOS and I hit export and it is absolutely completely done in that sequence.

And if that sequence was on the people in this campaign would get that sequence. So, here I am in Outreach, I have the sequence off but you'll get the idea. If I go to prospects you'll see that that prospect is in the sequence if I go back to the sequence and just go into any one of these emails and preview it you'll see that it's referencing Casey, which is the name of this actual prospect.

So, that is how you do it hopefully this was a little bit of a helpful tutorial go grab LeadIQ, grab Sales Navigator, construct your boolean search... let me know it if you get stuck and need any help this is Joshua SalesDNA - have a great day! 

Posted by Ryan O'Hara
Ryan O'Hara
Ryan O'Hara has been an early employee at several startups helping them with marketing and prospecting tactics, including Dyn who was acquired by Oracle for $600+ million in 2016. He's had prospecting campaigns featured in Fortune, Mashable, and TheNextWeb. Ryan specializes in branding, business development, prospecting, and coaching people on how to make good digital first impressions. He also mentors two accelerators, The Iron Yard and The Alpha Loft, and hosts The Prospecting

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