At some point in your life as an SDR or AE, your boss will ask you to find some new accounts to go after; not just inbound leads, webinar leads, stuff sitting in your CRM, or up-selling existing accounts

Get the account-based edge to crush your quota

Even if your boss doesn’t ask, if you really want the edge as that >100% quota-boaster, you need to get specific and targeted with your search. You’ll want to find accounts that match not only company size, but perhaps sell B2B products, are at a certain level of investment stage, are in a specific location, have a certain department size that you sell into, or use a specific technology. You’ll obviously need to figure out what to search for but I can at least guide you to some free-ish tools that will enable it.

These under-utilized tools are perfect for finding accounts with the filters listed above.

It’s free

All of these tools not only have free trials in which you can easily build a hefty, well-targeted account list on, but they do an amazing job of giving you accurate data on them too.

Get a solid kick-start in your prospecting

If you’re just kicking off your sales efforts at a startup or trying to fight your way in a new territory at a mature company, these two tools will put you ahead of the curve.

Here’s a quick video walk-through:


Resources mentioned in the video:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator trial here.

AngelList companies here.

Mattermark trial here.

Webscraper here.

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Posted by Cole Fox
Cole Fox
Cole Fox has spent the past 6 years learning B2B sales hacks. From being an early sales rep at LinkedIn, to working various startups, to building one of the largest hackathons in the Bay Area, Cole is always learning and trying new ways to maximize his sales process. You can reach Cole by emailing him Cole@Leadiq.Com

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