LinkedIn is an amazing platform to live off of, but sometimes you need to do things with your LinkedIn connections off the platform. This could be anything from writing them emails, putting them into your advertising networks for retargeting, or building up a newsletter.

Our Complete Guide on Exporting LinkedIn Contact's

Prospect using LeadIQ on LinkedIn

Let’s start with your existing LinkedIn Connections.

Step 1: Click on “My Network” Tab or Connections

LinkedIn defaults its home page to your feed, so from here you have 2 options to get to Export Contacts.


Step 2: Click On “See All Connections”

The first stop on the journey is the My Network screen. The most direct way to the next stop is to click on See All Connections…


Step 3: Click on “Manage Synced and Imported Contacts”

On the right of the page, you will see a line of text highlighted in gray. That is the next turn on your journey…


Step 4: Click on “Export Contacts”

You’ve finally made it! You’re almost to the promised land, just click on Export Contacts in the bottom right of the page…


Step 5: Select Desired Files and Click “Request Archive”

Due to the fact that I already filled this out, this screen will look a little different for you. You will have the option to select what information you want exported from your connections. The best bet it to select “The Works,” not just because bagels with the same name are equally good, but also because it gives you the most information and you can not select what information you can download later. When you click on what categories you want, just click “Request Archive.”


The next step is to go to your email to open the download link. It will bring you back to a similar screen to the last one.


Step 7: Click Download

You did it! All the leg work is done, and all that is left to download the appropriate .csv for your connections, or should I say new leads…


The Final Product:

And here you are, the final screen, do as you must with the new info. If you are not connected to a contact and want to get their contact information exported to a CSV, you can easily do that as well. 



Posted by Jack the Intern
Jack the Intern
Working towards a career in the Marketing field where I hope to one day assist businesses and individuals with bettering how they do business. Refining the way that salespeople prospect and giving them the tools to better their reply rate is my current goal. Excited to see what LeadIQ can do as a company going forward!

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