This pandemic has caught us all by surprise. Since the moment of the breakout in America to now, we have no idea what to do.

My parents FaceTime me everyday to see my face. Literally they ask me to look in the camera and if my face looks a bit puffy they freak out and ask me to run to the kitchen and drink turmeric and hot water.

We had no idea what would happen during this crisis. We didn’t understand how this virus would affect our economy and how different industries would be impacted.

Coronavirus spread sinks world stock mrkets

We also had no idea how this would even affect our personal lives.


Everyday seems to be getting harder and harder, what’s worse prospecting has really become a challenge.

Luckily I was able to sit down and speak with some of our top sales influencers to fully understand...“how do you prospect during this pandemic?”

So without further ado, I present (1 minute drum roll please)


Tips On How To Prospect Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic:


Lean Into It

Ashleigh Early, Co-host of The Other Side of Sales
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Create Content

Daniel Disney, Founder of The Daily Sales
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Don’t Be Afraid To Prospect

Jeremy Leveille, Global Account Executive for LeadIQ
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Stop, Reflect, and Act

Morgan Ingram Director of Sales Execution for JB Sales Training
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Step Away From The Immediate Sale

Kim Orlesky, President of KO Advantage Group
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Do Not Product Pitch

Lori Richardson, Women Sales Pros Founder
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Think About Things From The Perspective Of Your Prospect

Sarah Brazier, Senior SDR for
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How Does Your Product Help Your Customers

Sarah Drake, Senior Sales Dev Lead for Directive

"Talk with your customer facing teams to see how your product or service is helping your customers during this time. Take what you have learned and incorporate that into your prospecting. I think this will add a new level of empathy since you have a better picture of what they are actually going through and how you can help."


Go Slow and Low

Matt Walsh, Founder of Noted Analytics
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Lead With Empathy

Douglas Cordova, VP of Business Dev at Wrapify
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Have Good Icebreakers

Aaron Browning, VP of Sales at FrontSpin
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Tell People How You’re Doing

Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth and Marketing at LeadIQ
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Empathy, Compassion, and Be Quick

James Bawden, Director at OutboundView
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Be More Creative

Adam Beaton, SDR at LeadIQ
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Posted by Rishi Mathur
Rishi Mathur
Rishi Mathur is the Content Producer for LeadIQ and is one of the most important voices for this generation. Rishi has on many occasions been compared to the likes of Aziz Ansari and Gandhi based solely on his looks. He has helped with the growth of several different startups and has experience in both marketing and sales. He has been published in many major media outlets such as TealMango,, The Oregonian, and Highland Park Planet. He is a champion at building communities and would love to start his own cult worshipping the different cuisines around the world.

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