Got GIF?

Ok, this blog post is about GIFs. Should you use them in your sales emails?

Hell yes!

Here’s a challenge: Go and check your inbox right now, then click to open your spam folder. Count how many of the messages in there have a GIF. I guarantee it’s ZERO.

Using videos, GIFs and images/screen shots in your email make them stand out.

If all you send is a bunch of text, your prospect is left wondering whether an actual human being sent the email or if it was a bot.

Bots don’t have personalities or emotion.

Bots are boring.

Don’t be boring. Have a personality. Use GIFs!

Not only will you get higher reply rates, but you’ll enjoy your job more too :)

Look, someone just posted this on LinkedIn:

Here are the GIFs I use the most frequently. Before each is the context where I use that particular one.

Scenario #1: When the prospect says to follow back up in a few months. Of course most of the time when they say this it’s a blow off so you should try and push back to uncover the real objection.

But if it’s legit, and they are interested but truly have to wait a couple months or a few months, then you wait until the appropriate time and send them this:


On our last call you said we should TABLE this until December”

Scenario #2: If that follow up you were supposed to do slips through the maybe they said follow back up in March but you don’t reach back out until April/May.

Or perhaps you did follow up in March like the prospect asked you to, but they didn’t respond and then it’s April/May and you’re still trying to get them back on the calendar.

You send this:


You said we should pick this back up in March..hope I didn’t miss the boat!”

Scenario #3: It’s inevitable - your prospect sometimes won’t be able to make the meeting, they’ll have to reschedule. You’re able to accommodate them and then when they thank you for your flexibility you send this this:

“No problem..I’m flexible!”

Scenario #4: When you’re finally able to book that meeting and the prospect has confirmed the time works for send the calendar invite and reply to their email with this:

Scenario #5: When the prospect says thank you, I reply with:

Scenario #6: If the prospect asks you a question via email and the answer is a simple “yes” you send them:

Scenario #7: When the prospect says something that they’re going to do and you’re ok with it because it’ll help move the deal forward - just send them this:

Scenario #8: When you’re trying to pump the prospect’s tires a little bit so you reference an accomplishment/award they got - or if you’re pumping your own tires by referencing something about your product that is really great so it would benefit send this:

“You’re the bee’s knees!” / “Our product is the bee’s knees!”

Scenario #9: If you have a feature that is really smooth (I mean, if you don’t then your product probably sucks lol) you say:

“Our (insert feature) is smooth as butter:

This one is specifically designed to be a pattern interrupt. As a rep, you’re throwing off the pattern of what your prospect is used to seeing / is expecting to see when they open up an email. This GIF has nothing to do with the actual content of the email - but that’s the point.

Here’s how it works. Your subject line of the email = “dancing banana.”

They open up the email and the first thing they see is this GIF:

So immediately the email becomes more memorable because of how different it is..not only are they not expecting to see a GIF in an email, but it’s a dancing banana GIF which is wild.

Below the GIF you send your regular email, whatever content you would have normally sent them.

*Pro tip: take it a step further and call the prospect right after you send the email. If they answer, great.

You can start the conversation by referencing the dancing banana GIF instead of immediately launching right into your pitch. If they don’t answer, leave a voicemail referencing the email you just sent with the subject line, “dancing banana” so now when they check their inbox that email will stand out even more because it not only has that silly subject line but the dancing banana is in their head from you mentioning it in the voicemail.

Ok, you think all of this is too silly and you can’t imagine sending any of these to a prospect?

Think again.

Your prospects are people, human beings with personalities and a sense of humor.

Using humor works - even when selling to big enterprise companies.

Posted by Jeremy Leveille
Jeremy Leveille
Jeremy Leveille is a former SDR of the Year now Account Executive at LeadIQ. If you want to learn

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